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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the Tigers--

I am just gonna take a minute here to say a couple things about the Detroit Tigers. First thing--Love em :) Second thing-- Love em :) Third thing Todd Jones, $7 million, one season? Ummmm... Thats a whole bunch of cash for one season! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his career and his pitching ability. I am aware that he has gotten us out of a few tough spots. I am also aware that he has not been the best closer the Tigers have ever seen. I know that a huge part of the reason he was offered this is because of my love, Joel Zumaya, and his unfortunate injury. Zumaya was planned to be our future closer pending Jones leaving the Tigers. I just wonder if we really had to sign Jones to this deal just because of Joel. Is there no one else that we could have rounded up to close for us?

On another note, I am slightly saddened by the trade of Omar Infante for Jaques Jones. I am totally sure that Jaques will be an asset to the team, but I enjoyed watching Omar play. Loved being at Comerica and hearing his name called as he came up to bat :)

So thats my Tiger rant for the day :) I am sure there will be more to come :)


Jim said...

The problem is, all the "awesome" closers are already signed. So the Tigers are stuck just plugging the hole for now. Jones isn't terrible, but a slight upgrade at closer could go a long way. Now I wonder if Zumaya will ever be the same? He was already set back last year, and now this, I fear he'll never be that flamethrower he once was.

Single Mom Blogger said...

I know the "awesome" ones are gone. I just would have rather seen us pick up a couple of Pretty ok ones for that kind of money. I look as it as this-- We dont know what will happen with Zumaya. We dont know where Jones will be for the following season. $7 million dollars could have maybe brought us a couple closers with potential. Im a girl...maybe I dont get it. But I would have been happier to hear that than the Jones contract.

Jim said...

This has nothing to do with you being a girl, in fact I agree with you some, I was just letting you know how I see it. I thought they paid too much for Pudge too, but what are they going to do, if someone else will pay him that much then I guess he is worth it. I think Pudge is great, but not as much for his skills anymore.

BTW- if you care, I transferred my blog to a different account. So if you click on some of my old comments, it'll link to a profile with no blog now. This comment is from the new account, so the profile has my blog (same blog under different account).

Jim said...

Wow! What a trade they just made. I'm excited about it! Is it spring training yet??