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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No More Dilema :)

Today I canceled my E Harmony account :) I never did pay. I was mainly curious to see what they sent me. I ended up with some 65 matches I believe it was....but there were not many that really did anything for me. As a non paying member you can not see pictures or respond to any questions sent to you. But just going off of what they matched me with and reading the profiles of those people I have little faith in the site. I Do know that I may not be able to trust my own instincts when it comes to dating. They haven't done so well for me so far, but I also know that I can not and do not want to date someone that doesn't like children or sports or music. Those seem to be the profiles that they routed in my direction. Makes no sense to me...but whatever...i'm over it. Back to regular meeting people....bars and grocery

On another note...Osgood is in the net tonight :) Must go watch me some hockey :)


Jim said...

After my divorce, I found a site called Last I used it, which had to be a few years ago now, it was 100% free and all features were 100% free. Not sure if it's worth a look these days but thought I'd mention it. Good luck!

Dryfter009 said...

Glad you bailed on those eHarmony people, they just didn't understand us hahaha! Don't ever lose faith in your instincts, you're the only one that really knows what you need and want (even if sometimes it's bad for you). And whatever happened to that Hasek guy?

Anonymous said...

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