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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

In The Mood :)

I am completely sure that I am not the only person that has a passion for music. I hate to say that I am not musically inclined in any sense of the phrase, but I am not. Other than a short stint in choir in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and an attempt to play the saxophone in 6th grade, I am making music challenged.

I believe that music in general is a saving grace for me. I know that I can change my mood, emotion, and general daily well being with a few songs. I feel like I "feel" music differently than other people do. It is a huge part of my well being. If I didn't have it, I don't know if I could make it through some days. I hear it in my dreams, I wake up with a song stuck in my head and it becomes my theme for the day. I can change it if I don't like where it is going to take me just by finding a couple songs to "feel" for the day. I know that if I have something that I am sad about I can speed that process by a few weepy songs or if I am feeling particularly bitchy I can turn it around with something fun.

You may be wondering by now where the hell im going with this.......well as I said in my last post, I entered myself into the "Dating Lottery"lol. Here is my point-- I haven't paid for this service yet, as I am not sure I want to. I read some of these "so called matches" that they send me and I see that there are actually people that have no passion for music. I can not get my head around this! I wish someone could explain this to me so I can understand it and maybe not think that there is something wrong with these people that don't have a passion for music

I really don't understand how you can not be moved by an amazing guitar riff or empowered drum solo. I give so much credit to anyone that can make music or play an instrument! I am sure it is because I can't, but whatever, I guess it just makes me appreciate it that much more. As I type this blog I am pumping a little John Butler Trio into my headphones as I want to have an upbeat day and need to get some things accomplished. If you haven't checked them out, I suggest you do! Even if it isn't your style of music you can appreciate the work that has gone into their music. That is of course if you are not one of the people from eHarmony that have no comprehension of music in How is it that people don't have a theme song? I have lots of them depending on my mood of course. I have a song that reminds me of every person in my life. Every bad date, ex boyfriend, and magical moment in my life has a tune to it. I can hear it when I think about the event or person. When I hear the song it takes me back to that person, place, or time.

For example-- I have one ex, if he bothered to read this he would know it was him I am talking about. Everytime I here What if you and Starmile by Joshua Radin I have a flood of memories of him and our past. My high school memories and my girls I used to run around with are wrapped in a few songs like Juicy by Oaktown 357 and anything by Too were crazy :) My parents have music that will always remind me of them. I have a memory of dancing around the living room at the age of 4 to the Beach Boys and my Dad standing at the record player laughing at me :) Anything Leon Russell reminds me of my Mom since she was the first to introduce me to him. You see what I am saying. Music captures a memory for me. If you are not that person that is driven by a song or moved by an artist, consider trying it. I think it can make you a deeper person, it can soothe your soul, and give you a life long coping mechanism. Just a thought :)


Jim said...

Yeah- I'd stay away from people that aren't into music of some sort, they have to be weird! :) I basically NEVER drive anywhere without listening to music, when using my computer at home I have my 2600+ songs playing at random. When working on my car(s) or around the house, the iPod is cranked up. Music makes life better- agreed.

Ray said...

You need to just leave that eHarmony alone, they don't seem to be helping. Hey, we could always go out and be Incompatible together hahaha! And being a musician isn't all it's cracked up to be. A good live performance is like a Big O, but a bad will give you migraines. There are days when I have two simultaneous parallel cases of Writers Block, and my GOD does that suck!

Single Mom Blogger said...

I am glad that the 2 people who read these trinkets of crazy agree with me :) That makes my I love that you suggest we go out and be incompatible Someone should follow us with a freaking video camera and record the event as "The 2 most picky and incompatible people in Michigan" Crazy things could

Ray said...

Oh! It could be a SuperHero movie! The Incompatibles!