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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dating Dilema!

Alright so as some of you who have read anything I have written either on my MySpace page or on my Associated Content page you will realize that I am dating retarded apparently :) I tried the whole Yahoo deal and wow what a mess that was....scary So someone mentioned to me that I should check out eHarmony. I don't know anymore....Is a dating site a realistic way to meet someone? I checked out eHarmony last night and took their 14 million question test and it came up with 7 matches within 60 miles of me. I am trying to figure out what kind of odds those are. 7 whole men? Am I too picky or is this a normal amount? I realize that this site is supposed to be much more in depth than Yahoo but my lord, 7?

I didn't really think that I was that difficult of a person. On most occasion I am fairly nice and pleasant. I am funny like 90% of the time. I am pretty laid back. Here is what gets me....I didn't think I was asking much during the eHarmony test by requiring that my matches be hygienic, non-cheaters, that are not Rage infested. Is it so much to ask that someone place some kind of value on taking a shower and not beating me up? How about asking that they be loyal and not drug addicted, is that alot to ask?

So of the whole 7 there were 2 that seemed interesting. This is code for they could type a full sentence and use the spell check option :) I am not looking for the next Einstein, just someone that knows that you put a freaking space between words and that you need to punctuate when you finish a thought. Maybe I AM looking for more than is realistic. I just don't know if I should pay to join a site that only seems to have 2 possible matches on the first time around. I don't know if they will become more precise in the matches or not.

So I can not actually communicate with these gentlemen until I pay.........Hmmmmmm...Decisions Decisions ;)


Ray said...

I got you beat. I took that quiz about a year ago (answered the questions truthfully) and the nationwide search came up with...ZERO MATCHES. In the COUNTRY. According to eHarmony I am compatible with NO ONE!!! I wish I had printed it so I'd have proof I'm that big an asshole!

Single Mom Blogger said...

Holy Crap!!! LOL...I am only laughing because I am that shocked! No one in the country? OMG! I had no idea that could even be possible....Did you ask that she be a million heiress that secretly wanted to give all her $$ away and live in a box eating nothing but garbage? How is this possible?

Jim said...

Haha, see, things could always be worse. :) Whatever you do, don't start thinking you are being unrealistic and that you have to settle for something, that's only a recipe for disaster. I've been divorced though, so take that for what it is worth. :)

Single Mom Blogger said...

No, Jim. I think you have a point. I personally know what I want, I dont think I can settle. If it doesnt happen , it doesnt I end up alone, big deal :)

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