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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ebay Foot Fetish Weirdos!!

Alright, so I have some stuff listed on Ebay that I want to get rid of. Just some old kids clothes and stuff. So anyway- I was talking to my Mom last night and we were talking about these WigWam socks that we used to have that we stole from my Dad years and years ago. Here in Michigan it is starting to get cold and I thought about it and decided that I would see if I could locate any of said socks on Ebay. I was hoping to find some person that had some locked away in some old trunk somewhere with the tags still on and that they were completely clueless as to what they had tucked away.

What did I find? I found a handful of women selling extremely used socks!!! They had like 10 pictures of old nasty socks on their auction! Did I mention that the socks were still on their feet and that they were doing strange things with them? How about that one pair had five days left on the bidding and they were already up to $23. That the bidder was private! Now I have heard of people with a foot fetish-I'm not completely clueless, but 20 some dollars for excessively used socks?

Now I am a firm believer in to each their own--- But I never expected to find a foot fetish ring on Ebay. I'm just surprised and a little weirded out I guess....Oh Well- Doesn't effect me directly, so I guess it's all relative :)


Have you ever heard of ChaCha? Ok, well if you haven't it is a new search engine that is about a year old. If I have done my research correctly it is the only one that offers a live person to help you find stuff when you get stuck. You know what I mean-- when you are looking for that all to important information about lipstick or maybe about lead paint. Who knows what you will be looking for, but sometimes you just can't seem to locate it. Well on ChaCha you can Instant Message with a real LIVE person to help you find it. Well I am going to be one of those real live people :) I am excited! I think it will be fun and I will also get a chance to help a few people out along the way.. Oh yeah-- did I say I will get paid for it too :)

Well wish me luck- I take my second test today to see exactly where I fit in to their guide plan- who and how I can help :) Yay for me! Im just putting that out there cuz no one else seems to give much of a crap and I thought I would congratulate myself...LOL

Thats all for now, I will post later on how I did so I can give myself some kudos for my

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Autumn Crafts for kids!

For those of us that have children that like to craft, Autumn is a great time to utilize what nature has given us to work with. I know my son loves to make things and enjoys using nature to do it! I wanted to share a few of our favorite crafts with you so your family can also enjoy this beautiful season. These projects don't cost much. Most everything can be found outside or around the house.

Fall Color String of Leaves

Usually around Halloween the leaves have come to be rich colors of red, gold, yellow and browns. Grab a basket and the kids and head outside on an adventure to find the prettiest ones. You will also need some yarn and craft glue. I personally like to use an orange or a green yarn, it blends in nicely. Collect as many leaves as possible because all will not make it to the final project. After you have collected your leaves, simply take them home and sort them by color removing any that are to damaged to use. Go ahead and begin tying your leave stems on to the yarn. I usually leave about a half inch between each leave body. Make sure to be careful during this process because these leaves are fragile. As you tie them on, leave the project stretched out on the floor or work place. After all the leaves are attached, go ahead with a craft glue and put a small drop on each knot. This will help minimize any slipping or falling out. Let it dry and your ready to hang it! This is a nice craft to keep around for Thanksgiving as well.

Apple Candle Holders

We all make that trip to the orchard for apples, donuts, and cider. Well here is a craft you can make from some of those apples. It is beautiful and easy. Simply go through that bag of apples and find a few that sit flat on a hard surface. Take an apple corer and make a hole about half way through the apple. Now insert a pillar candle and there it is. If by chance you do not have a nice snug fit with your candle simply wrap a rubber band or some waxed paper around the bottom till it fits. They only last about a week so if you are doing this for a special event then try and do it no more than a couple days before. For older kids you can also let them use the end of a vegetable peeler to carve some designs into the skin and then just apply a little lemon juice to the decoration to help preserve it. Put them on a plate or flat surface and display them proudly.

Nature Inspired Shirts

One of my favorites right here. We do this every year together and it makes for a great memory. You need to purchase some solid color tees in everyone that will participates size. Now for another collecting adventure. Go out to your favorite spot for collecting fall objects. Large leaves, flowers, or sticks that have some definition work best. After everyone has collected their favorite things take them home and lay them flat outside. Have everyone arrange the pieces they collected on the front of the shirt as they want them to appear. Take a spray bottle that you have filled with bleach and spray lightly the outline of each design. Let the bleach work for about one to two minutes and then remove the nature pieces. Thoroughly rinse each shirt in a bucket of water to stop the bleaching process and then wash and dry them. If this is something you would like to make in to a yearly keepsake, I suggest making a stencil from a garbage bag with the year, and placing that at the bottom of the shirt or wherever you would like it to appear. Put that in place before the objects and within a couple hours your family has a new shirt for the season.

Painted Gourds

We enjoy this craft every year from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Fun for the kids and they get to make a mess. Go and get some gourds, the strange shaped ones make for the most interesting designs. Gather all your craft paints and some brushes, sponge pieces, and anything that will make a texture in your paint. I like to use scrunched up plastic bags from the grocery store. Put down some newspaper and let the kids go nuts. There is no rules here, just be creative and paint away. If you are looking for it to be a little more structured than just crazy painting, maybe try having each family member try to paint the resemblance of another family member on their gourd. There is nothing sweeter than having your child paint your likeness.

Have fun with these and get crafty! Your kids will love you for it.

Halloween at Greenfield Village

What an adventure for the family. I would highly recommend that everyone visit Greenfield Village for their Halloween celebration. I took my son this weekend and it was really a site to see. From the 800 carved pumpkins to the creepy fog, right down to the character's costumes. It is honestly something we will remember forever and will visit every year. The price of admission is reasonable. Only $12 for non-members, $10 for members, and children under 2 are free. There is also no extra fee for parking. Well worth the ticket price. They sell tickets on the half hour and they recommend that you arrive a half hour before your ticket time. The children do not come home with a lot of loot but they wont know the difference, it entertains them from beginning to end.

As you enter the Village the first thing you come across is a very spooky grim reaper that is keeping his fire burning and scaring the wits out of the little ones. As you follow along the pumpkin path you come to many people dressed in different themed costumes as well as certain houses that are spruced up for the haunt. They have really outdone themselves here. Along the path you will see little stations set up for treat giving. The treats are mostly donated from Michigan based companies and the first one you receive is a Michigan apple for you to munch along the way.

I don't want to give to much away or ruin any surprises here. I will simply say that you can expect to see some ghosts and goblins, the headless horseman, a palm reader, and some very interesting pirates that have taken a prisoner. Collect your treats as you go and take it all in. Enjoy feeling like a kid again and feel the Halloween. You and your children will be entertained and busy the whole way through, there is no down time, always something to see.

If you get hungry or thirsty along the journey there are a few places you can stop in and purchase a snack or refreshment. They offer souvenirs if you are inclined and don't forget your camera. You will be disappointed if you do. They supply the bag, so all you need to do is dress up the kids and make the trip. You wont be disappointed. This is a rain or shine event, so check the weather for appropriate dress or the need for an umbrella. If you ask me the rain helped to spook it up a bit.

Embrace the spirit of Halloween and make the trip. Stumble through the fog and enjoy the characters and festivities.

Lose your soul?

If you lose your soul then what do you have?

I read this today on someones page. It was there headline. It made me think. How do you lose your soul? What does she mean? Do you lose a piece of your soul every time you sell out for the greater good? Do you lose a piece of your soul every time you break a commandment? How do you lose your soul?

So I thought about this for a few minutes and have come to a few conclusions--please chime in if you like because this boggles me a bit.

I think you may lose a little piece of your soul every time you cross paths with someone you decide to share it with and they jump all over it, kinda like your heart. I think you lose a little piece when you have your children, because they need to borrow some of yours until they grow there own, and then you get it back as they become an incredible person. When I think about my soul, I don't think about this ghostly flying spirit that leaves your body when you pass, although it may be. I think of what makes you who you are. So every time some one betrays you, deceives you, hurts you, or just needs you a part of your soul is missing. When you lose someone you love I think a part of your soul and who you are goes with them, weather you lose them to death or just to someone or something else.

Someone last week told me that I seemed a little cynical. I disagree with that a bit. I don't believe that I am cynical but I do believe that I am guarded and cautious. I am a firm believer that most people are good, this however does not mean that I have to trust you or befriend you right away. I have to look out for myself and my children.

So in closing-- You only have one soul. You only have one heart. What happens when everyone takes a piece of these things? Whats left for me or the people I will meet in the future? Should I share these things with you? Are you soul worthy?


This is something that bothers me. Why is it that people can not respect other people? I mean really, how is it that some people can walk around everyday and for some reason believe that they know best, or what is right, or that what they do or say is ok to do or say? I have had just about all I will take from people and their lack of respect for me or my children. I try and try to just let it pass--chock it up to ignorance and just poor raising--but OMG, it is insane. I never claimed to be the nicest person ever or the most respectful, but I will never do something to anyone that is rude or disrespectful (at least not before they do). I have a very hard time getting it through my thick head that some people can just do as they wish with no consequence to how it will impact those around them. Maybe this is in some way my fault, maybe I draw disrespectful people to me somehow. I'm sorry. I know i'm talking in circles here, but I just can not wrap my head around this. Don't you expect people to treat you properly? Maybe thats my problem ---I expect to much from people I befriend. I'm just asking for a little common courtesy, please just do what you say your going to and mean it when you say it. I am tired of being lied to, ignored, pushed aside, and of course --Disrespected-- hence the name of this blog. I have strong memories of my Grandmother taking me aside and teaching me that whole " Do unto others as you would have done unto you" thing. I don't hurt anyone or stomp on their feelings, wishes, or dreams--So why do that to me? It frustrates me beyond belief and I just can't let it go. This is not negotiable for me- Respect me damn it! I deserve that! If not because I am a mother or a nice person or because I try to always do what I say--then do it because I am a person. I would respect you more for it. Be honest with yourself, wouldn't it be easier if you gave a little honesty and respect to everyone you met? After that, it is on them- If they lose your respect and don't deserve to be part of your life anymore then so be it!