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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ebay Foot Fetish Weirdos!!

Alright, so I have some stuff listed on Ebay that I want to get rid of. Just some old kids clothes and stuff. So anyway- I was talking to my Mom last night and we were talking about these WigWam socks that we used to have that we stole from my Dad years and years ago. Here in Michigan it is starting to get cold and I thought about it and decided that I would see if I could locate any of said socks on Ebay. I was hoping to find some person that had some locked away in some old trunk somewhere with the tags still on and that they were completely clueless as to what they had tucked away.

What did I find? I found a handful of women selling extremely used socks!!! They had like 10 pictures of old nasty socks on their auction! Did I mention that the socks were still on their feet and that they were doing strange things with them? How about that one pair had five days left on the bidding and they were already up to $23. That the bidder was private! Now I have heard of people with a foot fetish-I'm not completely clueless, but 20 some dollars for excessively used socks?

Now I am a firm believer in to each their own--- But I never expected to find a foot fetish ring on Ebay. I'm just surprised and a little weirded out I guess....Oh Well- Doesn't effect me directly, so I guess it's all relative :)


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