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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lose your soul?

If you lose your soul then what do you have?

I read this today on someones page. It was there headline. It made me think. How do you lose your soul? What does she mean? Do you lose a piece of your soul every time you sell out for the greater good? Do you lose a piece of your soul every time you break a commandment? How do you lose your soul?

So I thought about this for a few minutes and have come to a few conclusions--please chime in if you like because this boggles me a bit.

I think you may lose a little piece of your soul every time you cross paths with someone you decide to share it with and they jump all over it, kinda like your heart. I think you lose a little piece when you have your children, because they need to borrow some of yours until they grow there own, and then you get it back as they become an incredible person. When I think about my soul, I don't think about this ghostly flying spirit that leaves your body when you pass, although it may be. I think of what makes you who you are. So every time some one betrays you, deceives you, hurts you, or just needs you a part of your soul is missing. When you lose someone you love I think a part of your soul and who you are goes with them, weather you lose them to death or just to someone or something else.

Someone last week told me that I seemed a little cynical. I disagree with that a bit. I don't believe that I am cynical but I do believe that I am guarded and cautious. I am a firm believer that most people are good, this however does not mean that I have to trust you or befriend you right away. I have to look out for myself and my children.

So in closing-- You only have one soul. You only have one heart. What happens when everyone takes a piece of these things? Whats left for me or the people I will meet in the future? Should I share these things with you? Are you soul worthy?

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