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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No More Dilema :)

Today I canceled my E Harmony account :) I never did pay. I was mainly curious to see what they sent me. I ended up with some 65 matches I believe it was....but there were not many that really did anything for me. As a non paying member you can not see pictures or respond to any questions sent to you. But just going off of what they matched me with and reading the profiles of those people I have little faith in the site. I Do know that I may not be able to trust my own instincts when it comes to dating. They haven't done so well for me so far, but I also know that I can not and do not want to date someone that doesn't like children or sports or music. Those seem to be the profiles that they routed in my direction. Makes no sense to me...but whatever...i'm over it. Back to regular meeting people....bars and grocery

On another note...Osgood is in the net tonight :) Must go watch me some hockey :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Holiday Thoughts :)

The holidays can be very emotional for many many people. For some it is a very stressful and negative time of the year. They bring on so much stress and such anxious feelings that they begin to freak out a month in advance. Some people are very happy and overjoyed to be able to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Others just coast through apathetically waiting for the turkey and ham. Regardless of how you cope and how you feel, the holidays are hear. So break out the booze, Valium, and self help book. Grab a hold of your ass and get prepared!

I was thinking today.....wondering what to buy for Christmas for all the people I must shop for, and I thought that I wanted to do something different. I don't want to buy the same old same old this year. So I set off and did a little Google search for odd Yeah, I thought it would be fun to order some t-shirts. Like my best friend...for whatever reason...always says "Jimmy cracked corn." I don't know why she does it but it just pops into her speech at random times. I think I need to order her an obnoxiously colored shirt that says it right on the For my son...of course the standard "Huh? What? I didn't hear you." I swear that kid needs a hearing aid! I think for my ex maybe one that says " Child Support? Oh yeah- I forgot!" and wrap it up from the Ok, well that one may be a little over the top and mean...but it sure would be funny :)

Anyway, it's Thanksgiving-- The turkey is a mere shadow of who it once was and the desserts have been rummaged. One down, just a month to go till the next day of drama...YaY Holidays! ;)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh the Tigers--

I am just gonna take a minute here to say a couple things about the Detroit Tigers. First thing--Love em :) Second thing-- Love em :) Third thing Todd Jones, $7 million, one season? Ummmm... Thats a whole bunch of cash for one season! Don't get me wrong, I appreciate his career and his pitching ability. I am aware that he has gotten us out of a few tough spots. I am also aware that he has not been the best closer the Tigers have ever seen. I know that a huge part of the reason he was offered this is because of my love, Joel Zumaya, and his unfortunate injury. Zumaya was planned to be our future closer pending Jones leaving the Tigers. I just wonder if we really had to sign Jones to this deal just because of Joel. Is there no one else that we could have rounded up to close for us?

On another note, I am slightly saddened by the trade of Omar Infante for Jaques Jones. I am totally sure that Jaques will be an asset to the team, but I enjoyed watching Omar play. Loved being at Comerica and hearing his name called as he came up to bat :)

So thats my Tiger rant for the day :) I am sure there will be more to come :)

In The Mood :)

I am completely sure that I am not the only person that has a passion for music. I hate to say that I am not musically inclined in any sense of the phrase, but I am not. Other than a short stint in choir in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade and an attempt to play the saxophone in 6th grade, I am making music challenged.

I believe that music in general is a saving grace for me. I know that I can change my mood, emotion, and general daily well being with a few songs. I feel like I "feel" music differently than other people do. It is a huge part of my well being. If I didn't have it, I don't know if I could make it through some days. I hear it in my dreams, I wake up with a song stuck in my head and it becomes my theme for the day. I can change it if I don't like where it is going to take me just by finding a couple songs to "feel" for the day. I know that if I have something that I am sad about I can speed that process by a few weepy songs or if I am feeling particularly bitchy I can turn it around with something fun.

You may be wondering by now where the hell im going with this.......well as I said in my last post, I entered myself into the "Dating Lottery"lol. Here is my point-- I haven't paid for this service yet, as I am not sure I want to. I read some of these "so called matches" that they send me and I see that there are actually people that have no passion for music. I can not get my head around this! I wish someone could explain this to me so I can understand it and maybe not think that there is something wrong with these people that don't have a passion for music

I really don't understand how you can not be moved by an amazing guitar riff or empowered drum solo. I give so much credit to anyone that can make music or play an instrument! I am sure it is because I can't, but whatever, I guess it just makes me appreciate it that much more. As I type this blog I am pumping a little John Butler Trio into my headphones as I want to have an upbeat day and need to get some things accomplished. If you haven't checked them out, I suggest you do! Even if it isn't your style of music you can appreciate the work that has gone into their music. That is of course if you are not one of the people from eHarmony that have no comprehension of music in How is it that people don't have a theme song? I have lots of them depending on my mood of course. I have a song that reminds me of every person in my life. Every bad date, ex boyfriend, and magical moment in my life has a tune to it. I can hear it when I think about the event or person. When I hear the song it takes me back to that person, place, or time.

For example-- I have one ex, if he bothered to read this he would know it was him I am talking about. Everytime I here What if you and Starmile by Joshua Radin I have a flood of memories of him and our past. My high school memories and my girls I used to run around with are wrapped in a few songs like Juicy by Oaktown 357 and anything by Too were crazy :) My parents have music that will always remind me of them. I have a memory of dancing around the living room at the age of 4 to the Beach Boys and my Dad standing at the record player laughing at me :) Anything Leon Russell reminds me of my Mom since she was the first to introduce me to him. You see what I am saying. Music captures a memory for me. If you are not that person that is driven by a song or moved by an artist, consider trying it. I think it can make you a deeper person, it can soothe your soul, and give you a life long coping mechanism. Just a thought :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dating Dilema!

Alright so as some of you who have read anything I have written either on my MySpace page or on my Associated Content page you will realize that I am dating retarded apparently :) I tried the whole Yahoo deal and wow what a mess that was....scary So someone mentioned to me that I should check out eHarmony. I don't know anymore....Is a dating site a realistic way to meet someone? I checked out eHarmony last night and took their 14 million question test and it came up with 7 matches within 60 miles of me. I am trying to figure out what kind of odds those are. 7 whole men? Am I too picky or is this a normal amount? I realize that this site is supposed to be much more in depth than Yahoo but my lord, 7?

I didn't really think that I was that difficult of a person. On most occasion I am fairly nice and pleasant. I am funny like 90% of the time. I am pretty laid back. Here is what gets me....I didn't think I was asking much during the eHarmony test by requiring that my matches be hygienic, non-cheaters, that are not Rage infested. Is it so much to ask that someone place some kind of value on taking a shower and not beating me up? How about asking that they be loyal and not drug addicted, is that alot to ask?

So of the whole 7 there were 2 that seemed interesting. This is code for they could type a full sentence and use the spell check option :) I am not looking for the next Einstein, just someone that knows that you put a freaking space between words and that you need to punctuate when you finish a thought. Maybe I AM looking for more than is realistic. I just don't know if I should pay to join a site that only seems to have 2 possible matches on the first time around. I don't know if they will become more precise in the matches or not.

So I can not actually communicate with these gentlemen until I pay.........Hmmmmmm...Decisions Decisions ;)