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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Have you ever heard of ChaCha? Ok, well if you haven't it is a new search engine that is about a year old. If I have done my research correctly it is the only one that offers a live person to help you find stuff when you get stuck. You know what I mean-- when you are looking for that all to important information about lipstick or maybe about lead paint. Who knows what you will be looking for, but sometimes you just can't seem to locate it. Well on ChaCha you can Instant Message with a real LIVE person to help you find it. Well I am going to be one of those real live people :) I am excited! I think it will be fun and I will also get a chance to help a few people out along the way.. Oh yeah-- did I say I will get paid for it too :)

Well wish me luck- I take my second test today to see exactly where I fit in to their guide plan- who and how I can help :) Yay for me! Im just putting that out there cuz no one else seems to give much of a crap and I thought I would congratulate myself...LOL

Thats all for now, I will post later on how I did so I can give myself some kudos for my


ray said...

Here's the kudos nobody sent you!


Single Mom Blogger said...

Awww thanks :)

Jim said...

So how is ChaCha going for you? I joined a long time ago and have been a Guide ever since. Loved it at first, but now I can be logged in for an hour or more and not get one search to help anyone with. I've kind of lost interest but haven't used it in a while. Curious what your thoughts are?

Single Mom Blogger said...

ChaCha is good. Im actually training for the SMS program right now. As soon as I have a good opinion I will let ya know im