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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Single again!

Well here I am single again. Mother of a seven year old and one year old. Two beautiful boys. I guess you could call them typical, if running around like maniacs and destroying anything that has value is typical-lol.

So here is a little back story so you know where I am coming from.

I was with my ex for nine years. Nine very trying and confusing years. I am a self described lifer. When I make a commitment to something I do everything in my power to maintain it and make it work, whether it's a job, relationship, craft project, I just keep on trying. I won't get into to many details here about my relationship with my ex, there is plenty of time for that in the future. Let's just say that He was an ass and I was an angel. At least in my eyes that's the way it was. If you were to ask him now he would say the same. He still calls my son everyday and when I answer the first thing he does is apologize for the way it all worked out and how he treated me. It is really just to bad that it took me walking away from him with our two boys for him to figure it out. We had a very painful and emotionally disabled relationship. So no surprise that the break up was the same. I will expand on these issues in the future I am sure.

What I am doing on this site is simple. I want to leave my mark on the single society. I want to share here what I am going through in the single world. From dating to working and just trying to find a single girlfriend to go out with-since it seems that everyone on earth is now married and looking at me like a failure. I want to be a sounding board for single mothers everywhere that can't figure out how to cope. I will be sharing my experiences in a honestly blunt manner in hopes that someone else can learn from my mistakes and experience as they to begin a journey down this crazy road of balance.

Stay tuned for future posts such as:
---Dating sites-- and the freaks on them
---Looking for work and trying to convince them that you are capable
---Learning lessons on motherhood when your doing it alone

I believe I have something to say, it may not apply to all of you but hopefully everyone can gain a little insight or lesson from it.

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