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Friday, May 4, 2007

Dating Sites- And the freaks on them

So being recently single I make a decision to put myself out there on a free dating site. Maybe the first mistake was that it was free-lol. The first person to contact me ended up being a friend of a friend which was very weird. I hadn't seen this friend in probably ten years and new him well. I made the assumption that since the Dater(as we will call him) was a friend of my old friend he couldn't be all bad right!?! Guess again! So we talked on the phone for about two weeks and let me tell you he was a sweetheart. He called a couple times a day and we learned quite a bit about each other. Finally he asked if I wanted to do dinner. I was very excited, I thought " wow-- could this be it? Is it possible that I could meet someone first time around?"

So I met him for dinner on a Thursday night. I figured that was safe, a casual dinner and drinks and then homeward bound I would be. So he left the decision of where to go to me. I picked a place that I enjoy and he agreed. Two hours before the date he called and asked if we could go somewhere else. The Dater apparently hated the place I picked and wanted to go to his favorite place. Alright buddy, whatever, your paying.

We had dinner and a couple drinks and then it was time to go. He invited me to his house for a beer and to show me some stuff he was working on. I hadn't dated in 9 years, how was I supposed to know that this was code for---I just spent $30 whole dollars on dinner, now we must have sex. I really was shocked. Granted I am no prude and it's not like I haven't done anything stupid like this in my younger bar fly days, but really I didn't even know what to think. Here is a guy that sells himself as Mr. Respect and then turns into an ass.

So enough about that. My horrible first date experience. I have more.

I have had two good experiences from this site I am on. I made contact with one man that has been very interesting. Nothing has really prospered from it but a very nice friendship. We still have not met in person and maybe never will but I do enjoy IMing him. He is very funny and a great guy to run ideas off of. We talk about twice a week for a little bit in the evening and it makes me smile. This friendship has given me back a little of my trust in myself. I now know that I am capable of reading a profile and deciding if what he has to offer is something I may be interested in. Second good experience is somewhat surreal. I was browsing my matches and saw a profile with no picture but a very sweet headline. I read the profile, it was very short, and I knew instantly who this was. A very sweet guy that I had dated a few years back. I did not send him anything for the fear of being embarrassed in the event that I was wrong. A couple days later he sent me a note that he knew me. We have now gone on a few dates and talk regularly. I really enjoy his company and if anything I have rekindled an old friendship.

Now about the real freaks that I have found. Literally a week ago I received the nicest letter. This man(the Freak) went on in his letter about our compatibility. He quoted things from my profile. Told me why he believed we would be compatible and all the things he was looking for in a lifelong partner--because that is what he was there for. LOL So in his letter he included his email address and IM id. I added him and we began to IM. Within two minutes he asked to share photos ( which I have learned is normal, people want to see if its really you because you should have a bunch of pics on your computer) so I agreed and we began to share photos. Well low and behold as I am adding my pics to share here comes about six pics of him. The first two are normal everyday pics with his dog and stuff and then there it was. Yes, pictures of his member, manhood, little friend, whatever you choose to call it. I really didn't know what to do. I prefer to see the penis before I am about to do something with it, not two minutes after I begin a conversation with you. It makes me wonder, if I had met him in a bar would he have whipped it out two minutes in to talking? Anyways he then asked where my dirty picks were. I'm sorry I didn't know this was a prerequisite for meeting people on this site. I must have skipped that memo. I replied that I didn't have anything to share with him and even if I did have pics of that nature he did not qualify as someone I would share them with. So to make a long story short, he called me rude. I simple responded that I didn't ask to see it therefore I was not required to show. Needless to say I deleted him from my IM contacts and he still tried to contact me, Thank God for the ignore button.

So ladies and gents-- in closing these are some of my random thoughts on Internet dating.
---Don't do or say anything you wouldn't do or say in person.
---keep in mind that the person on the other end of the conversation may not appreciate pictures of you privates
---Trust your instincts-if it sounds to good to be true---well you know
---Look at each contact as a stranger and freak until they prove themselves to not be
---I believe you can find real people looking for real relationships on them- ya just gotta find em
---Maybe you need to pay on these services to find the Quality
---Be safe, Be cautious, Be yourself and maybe it can happen

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